The INNERTAINMENT PLAYBOOK is both a simple framework for change and a daily journal for self improvement.

The Playbook is based on the concept of CHOICE-FULLNESS, and it’s three subcomponents of AwarenessAbility and Control. In the first section of the Playbook, our Awareness is focused on our three dimensions of time. 

In reality we live our lives in THREE different time dimensions simultaneously, past, present, and future. The INNERTAINMENPLAYBOOK  uses a theater metaphor (back stage, front stage and future stage) to remind us, that however we used our time in the past, has had an impact on how we are using our time now, in the present. Likewise, our present use of time, is having a significant effect on the creation of our future use of time. This interplay of the three dimensions of time, is designed to heighten our daily Awareness of both the quality and quantity of our time, and to assist us in learning how to maximize our time to develop our potential for higher levels of Awareness, Ability and Control. 

The second section of the Playbook addresses the concept of STORY.  Stories, whether the origin is entertainment, literature, documentaries, social media, relatives, friends or our personal narrative, are irresistible. They engage us in ways that can both help us and hurt us, depending how and what we are learning from them.  And even though we often forget it, in reality, we all have our own personal story, created from our past (Current Story), that we are modifying, moment by moment, as we move into our future (Revised Story)



There are a variety of ways to use the INNERTAINMENT PLAYBOOK, depending on your personal needs, the surrounding Circles of Influence you are currently aligned with, and your level of motivation to create change in your life. 

THE STORY TEAM  Whether you’re using the Playbook for your family, school, business, or individually, it’s an advantage to create a  STORY TEAM that can contribute, affirm and commit to your self improvement journey. The STORY TEAM is designed to assist your change process in a non-judgmental way, and to become part of understanding your insights and expanded personal narrative, as you interact with the entertainment environment and the stories that can assist you in understanding your expanded CHOICE-FULLNESS skills.

For Example: Families can use the STORY TEAM to understand and incorporate their child’s favorite entertainment, into family discussions, and to generate parenting insights about how each member of the family is choosing their favorite entertainment, and is identifying with the characters, plot, themes, values, behaviors and power styles that they are aligned and engaged with.

One of the key benefits of the INNERTAINMENT PLAYBOOK lies in the fact that entertainment, with it’s accompanying stories, applies to all ages and individual differences.  This translates into personalized fun and enjoyment, that in addition has the potential to increase the awareness of our development at much deeper levels of insight and understanding.

STORY TEAM COMMUNICATION GROUNDRULES  Most of what goes on with entertainment engagement, occurs at an emotional level of involvement. We become “immersed” in entertainment, often putting aside our critical thinking, and instead identifying with the dilemmas, obstacles and delights of the characters and their stories. The entertainment industry is the “master” of attention, involvement and communication techniques that overwhelm our rational abilities and whisk us away into alternative realities.

This is important to understand when building a supportive STORY TEAM.

The goal of the team is to UNDERSTAND, not to critique, the entertainment or the person who is engaged with it. The idea of the theater BACK STAGE (Past) comes powerfully into play, because it is the repository of our personal past experiences, individual differences, obstacles, and memory storage.  As a member of the STORY TEAM, we must come to grips with the fact that we can have only a very limited understanding about how another person is combining their unique BACK STAGE qualities, into filtering their daily choices, and decision making, while translating their past into their present choices.

To take full advantage of the STORY TEAM and it’s positive potential for understanding children, the entire STORY TEAM must agree to a unified and committed effort to uncover and understand the treasure of insights that can emerge from entertainment’s underlying properties.



One of the most important things that we can do today in a world of digital overload, distraction, disruption and distorted information, is to shift and develop our communication strategies from an “outside” perspective to an “inside” perspective. This means that instead of being “swept away” into a world of “outside” screens and entertainment, we use that same entertainment to develop our “inside” understanding and insight. This occurs when we can enjoy the entertainment medium, as we process the information it provides, but also develop the tools and techniques to deepen our understanding of the underlying values, messages, and worldview that the characters and the story communicates.

TEAM TIME (Family) is a very special type of Innertainment time, where the family is committed to understanding each other first and foremost, and through this commitment, they set aside a special period of time time to accomplish this, time that is dedicated to the interplay of enjoying entertainment while uncovering and learning from the embedded insights it has to offer.