ENTERTAINMENT is defined as something that is amusing, diverting and/or engaging. It’s provided by a performer or OUTSIDE source of information.

The KEY to this definition lies in the fact that the source of the entertainment is NOT you, but instead it’s provided by the world OUTSIDE you.

Sometimes you enjoy the entertainment, while at other times, it fails to be delightful or engaging, depending on what the creator of the entertainment had in mind, and how the particular entertainment creation matches YOUR individual needs and wants.

INNERTAINMENT, on the other hand, is defined as CHOICE-FULL ENTERTAINMENT. It’s used specifically for self improvement and personal development. This includes the critical CHOICE-FULLNESS skills of AWARENESS, ABILITY and CONTROL.

Unlike entertainment, the source of your INNERTAINMENT lies within you. It consists of the personal stories, movies, pictures, concepts, thoughts, feelings and themes, that run through your mind and through your constantly changing INNER world.

In a nutshell, entertainment is THEIR stories, while Innertainment is YOUR stories.

As the speed of life accelerates, TIME becomes more and more of an issue. And even though it is our most precious commodity, we often find ourselves more and more immersed in the circles of influence that surround us, and the OUTSIDE stories and “NOISE” that are perpetuated by tech, media and consumerism. The INNERTAINMENT believes that YOUR stories, and how you create and develop them, are as important, or even more important than THEIR stories.  We can modify our personal stories in a positive way, if we use Innertainment as a TOOL, and take the time to observe and discover our true potential.

It’s this process, of CHOICE-FULLNESS, that is the focus of Innertainment. Personal development by increasing our levels of AwarenessAbility and Control.

As the Techno/Media Economy continues to expand it’s power and impact, and more highly immersive forms of entertainment and media (example: augmented virtual reality) prepare to move us into even deeper levels of information involvement, it’s important to take a closer look at the tradeoffs we are making each and every day, in both our personal well being and our higher awareness potentials.


Information is often defined as “messages” that are received and understood.  But this highly over simplified definition leaves a great deal unsaid about our current accelerating media information environment and the levels of “noise” that are being manufactured and embedded into our daily dose of entertainment. What needs to be emphasized now, is the emerging scientific research directed toward our full human potential and how this potential is currently undermined when both the quantity and quality of information input from entertainment, places negative “overload” demands on our thinking and emotional systems, by exceeding and manipulating our information processing capacity, and along with this overload, allows the downshifting of higher brain functions into less discriminating lower emotional and reactive human brain processing.


Innertainment.org  has been created to help families and individuals more fully understand the current dilemma of living in an entertainment driven digital world, dominated by increasing levels of “noise”.  On the one hand we love and need our powerful and important tech tools (smart phones, computers, video games, etc.), but  on the other hand, we are beginning to notice more and more frequently, a wider and more troublesome variety of changes in the way we communicate, our attention span, motivation, stress levels, resilience and altered value systems.  What are the real tradeoffs that we are making today?  These changes are often subtle, confusing and deceptive, taking place slowly over time, in ways that prevent us from recognizing and understanding their underlying causes and future implications.


We hope you will join us in becoming more aware of the changes in your entertainment world effecting your family’s well being, as we uncover new ways to solve today’s digital dependency dilemma. Our goal is to point the way toward innovative and effective solutions, by integrating the latest scientific findings from education, psychology, media, brain research and technology, along with providing powerful and practical tools for your positive future.