ENTERTAINMENT is defined as something that is amusing, diverting, distracting and/or engaging.  It’s provided by a performer and/or OUTSIDE source of information.

While entertainment’s powerful STORIES have the potential for learning and elevating levels of personal and professional development, we can fall short in our understanding of entertainment’s underlying long term potential for creating positive change and for tackling the critical issues we face, as part of our basic humanity. The themes, underlying psychological foundations and messages of entertaining STORIES, often go unnoticed and unexamined, in favor of the more superficial and attention getting surface elements.

INNERTAINMENT is entertainment, specifically designed to spotlight our changing human condition and ELEVATE our self development potential by examining the hidden “gems” that lie beneath the surface of the entertainment media we engage with.

INNERTAINMENT offers a new and very different approach in today’s accelerating media world.  While it makes use of the motivational power and engagement of entertaining STORIES, it also spotlights the underlying themes, and relevant issues related to changing both our Personal and Professional lives.