The Team

Rob Reiher, Ph.D. Founder & C.E.O. of Innertainment

Rob Reiher INNERTAINMENT®  is a breakthrough approach using the INNERTAINMENT THEATER, as a metaphor for developing Choice-Full behavior in children and in adults.  This method of personal growth draws upon Dr. Reiher’s extensive experience at the highest levels of the kids media and entertainment industries, combined with his counseling and teaching experience. Rob brings a broad combination of training and experience from the fields of business, counseling, communication, education, media, entertainment and psychology.  He has been actively involved as a researcher, counselor, teacher, speaker and product and program development consultant. In the past, Rob has served as an adjunct professor of Psychology and created the first Innertainment course in the country, at Woodbury University in Burbank California, Sober College in Woodland Hills California, and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. In 1991, Rob created, and continues to evolve,  a new paradigm for change, that is a clear distinction from entertainment.  This paradigm, called INNERTAINMENT, uses the “power” and compelling nature of the entertainment medium in a unique way, to shift consciousness and create higher levels of awareness and Choice-Fullness.  With the Entertainment Economy, Experience Economy and Digital Economy ( gaining momentum, products and programs that ONLY fulfill the current definition of entertainment below – entertainment (as in “diversion”) n. : an activity that is diverting and that holds the attention) – are no longer sufficient to propel our society toward the changes necessary for the growth and longevity of the planet.  We can no longer afford to be “immersed” in a world of amusement and distraction, but instead must sharpen, not dull, our attentional and intentional skills toward a positive future, by elevating our choices in alignment with a new Elevation Economy. Robert has co-authored two books, What Kids Buy Why and KidnappedHow Irresponsible Marketers Are Stealing the Minds of Your Children with Daniel Acuff Ph.D.  Reiher and Acuff discuss the developmental parameters for creating enriching entertainment and media along with how parents can determine and evaluate positive consumer products for their children. Robert is currently completing a new book called the Challenge of Choice In The Culture Of Noise, focused on the rapidly changing circles of influence in contemporary society and how these powerful forces are effecting how our children think, feel, communicate, act and “choose” their future.
John Reid

John Reid  |  Elevated Design

After studying at USCs Annenberg School for Communication, and while studying product design at Art Center College of Design, John Reid sits at the intersection of people and product. As a marketer, John has created and executed campaigns for companies like Nike and Sony Music.  He has directed interdisciplinary teams of strategists, graphic designers, web designers, and web developers creating innovative and engaging brand messaging and interfaces. As a product an digital product designer, John has created products for companies like the NFL, the NBA, and Jay-Z’s Artful Dodger apparel brand. But with Innertainment, John’s focus now shifts to transformational products, programs and experiences.  Passionate about how products influence our behavior and shape our culture, John directs the creation of Innertainment’s media, digital and product deliverables, ensuring that they always elevate the human experience.
Janene Whitney

Janene Whitney | Educational Specialist

Janene Whitney has won multiple awards in education for her work in the fields of Multiple Intelligences, literacy, and the arts.  Her background in brain based learning offers a wide perspective on helping children, parents, and teachers navigate the educational system. Her work in education ranges from piloting a high school coaching program for at-risk youth, which resulted in a 99% pass rate on the high school exit exam, to teaching in-service workshops on Multiple Intelligences for teachers, winning her District Teacher of the Year Awards. As a writer, she has extensive experience in curriculum and business writing. With accolades in both Performing Arts and academic areas, Whitney’s approach to success for children is a holistic one. Ms. Whitney also spent 15 years working in the entertainment industry for companies that include Columbia Pictures, ABC, and the Disney Channel. She combined her background in writing, entertainment, and education when she served as the Family Entertainment reviewer for magazine in Los Angeles. Her education includes undergraduate scholarship work in English at the Claremont Colleges, and post-graduate work in education at the University of LaVerne, where she received the Special Honors Award in English Award, two Graduate Merit Scholarships in Education, and was accepted as a member of the Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society. Ms. Whitney serves as Director of Educational Programs for E-Smart Choice. She is currently working on her book Distance Suffering: The Secret Reason Why Children Fail.