CORE 4 – Story Dimensions

“We don’t turn to story to escape reality. We turn to story to navigate reality” 

Lisa Cron: Story Genius


I’ve spent more than forty five years fascinated and immersed in the combination of psychology and entertainment.  Over this period of time the fields of Media Psychology and Entertainment Psychology have developed into important areas of research and continue to become even more relevant as the Entertainment Economy accelerates and aligns with technological innovations. At the center of entertainment and media is the basic STORY core.

From both a personal and professional perspective, I’ve gradually come to understand more and more about the human condition and how entertaining STORIES offer a remarkable gateway to new insights and opportunities for change.  STORIES act not only as a form of entertainment, relaxation and engagement, but also as an important and critical foundation for self understanding and self development, if we use them as an effective tool for increasing our awareness.

We can explore the multiple dimensions of STORY from four different context perspectives, to give us a more integral approach to the potential STORIES offer us for changing our personal and professional lives, as well as for shaping the culture that surrounds us in ways that support our human nature and the integral foundations of humanity.



The architecture of the human brain and the neurotransmitters that make STORY the most important and powerful form of human communication.



The STORY Pathway Model for understanding and integrating the core psychological factors that prepare and protect the development of our personal and professional future.



The surrounding personal and professional Circles of Influence that play a dominant role in how we maintain, develop and/or reshape our current STORIES for the  future.



The diverse cultural systems (politics, business, education, media, technology, etc.) that create and perpetuate the STORIES that permeate our world, and that we adopt as part of our worldview for living.