Inner I.Q.


The INNER I.Q.® integrates three critical dimensions leading to the development of an expanded range of  CHOICE-FULLNESS: 





CHARACTER can be defined as an integrated system including:

Identity: The distinguishing character or personality of an individual.

Values: Something (such as a principle or quality) that is intrinsically  valuable to a person. Deciding what is important in life.

Virtues: A commendable quality or trait that can be translated into a behavioral action.

The development of CHARACTER enables one to react quickly and effectively to changes in the environment, with resilience and optimism despite obstacles and adversity. It also empowers one to respond consistently and in a positive manner in relation to social instability, moral diversity, and personal and social trauma.


COMPETENCE refers to a set of abilities and skills that are necessary to support and sustain long term personal development and well being:

Meaning: Establishing what is important to you as an individual for a fulfilled life.

Mastery: Deep knowledge and skill in a specific area.

Self Management Skills: Learning to develop self control and choice-full behavior skills (awareness, ability and control).


COMMUNICATION Communication skills occur in three separate domains:

-ME: Communication with oneself (Howard Gardner: Intrapersonal intelligence)

-WE: Communication with other individuals or groups (Howard Gardner: Interpersonal intelligence)

-IT:  Communication with and through non-human objects (environment, technology, higher realms of being, the mystical, the mystery).

NOTE:  In the INNER I.Q. model, communication with a higher SOURCE of deep knowledge and extraordinary knowing is included through the use of the IT communication dimension.

The ideal balance in communication occurs when an individual has developed the necessary skills in all 3 of the above communication domains and is choice-full (aware and able to make thoughtful and reflective choices) in their ability to effectively integrate and use them.

The INNERTAINMENT METHOD incorporates the integral qualities dimension of the INNER I.Q.  as a core sub-component for positive change and development.