We can view our life, and the STORIES that we are currently creating, as taking place on THREE integral and  connected stages (I-THEATER).


Our BACK STAGE, consists of our PAST experiences, and all the things that make us a unique individual with our own personal story to tell.  Much of the information in our BACK STAGE moves into the realm of the unconscious over time, but still plays a significant role in our FRONT STAGE and our FUTURE STAGE behaviors, and with that, in our potential for higher and higher levels of elevation.


Our FRONT STAGE is our PRESENT time, our story as it’s unfolding here and now.  Our FRONT STAGE  contains our story  SPOTLIGHT activities, highlighting the actions we are taking at this specific time and place, to move ourselves toward a happier, healthier and more fulfilled future.


Our FUTURE STAGE represents our future GOALS, and consists of the individuals, organizations and places that provide the Circles of Influence to support us in creating a successful and positive FUTURE.  For example, our family, friends, school, relatives, education, employers, etc.  This is the world that we will be engaged in as our STORY unfolds, communicating and nurturing our personal, professional and business goals in life.





Along our life journey, all of us make TRADEOFFS and create PATTERNS of BEHAVIOR that either support our development or interfere with our true potential.  Life then, is a series of decisions and TRADEOFFS, that depend on clearly understanding our priorities and how the choices we make based on our priorities will impact our FUTURE.




Our past, present and future are integrated and connected to each other.  Because we develop tradeoffs and patterns over time, it’s easy to neglect the integral nature of these three time dimensions and their impact on our well being.




Place your story spotlight on just one front stage behavior that feels like it has become a negative tradeoff and pattern in your life, one that you think you need to modify in order to move into the future stage more effectively.