We’re living today, in a new world of digital dependency.


We were sold the illusion that tech, media, and consumerism would enrich our lives, making it easier for a future with higher levels of happiness, fulfillment, and success. But in today’s world of increasing NOISE, the research indicates that we are far more depressed, anxious, distracted, disconnected and overloaded than at any time in history. While a country like Denmark has ranked number one in well being for the past forty years, the United States with all its wealth and possibilities hovers around the twentieth spot. Why?



We find ourselves in a situation today, where we take in over 12 hours a day of information from the internet, television, games, texting, music, cell phones, etc., demonstrating an over 350 percent increase in information consumption in the past twenty years. We are truly “caught” in the Attention Economy and with it, our addiction to screens. For many of us, “it’s just the way it is now”, and we think that there’s nothing much we can do about it, or if we do, it’s going to be a ton of work and frustration. This is the new Digital Dilemma.



In this day and age, both the QUANTITY and the QUALITY of information has radically changed. This is a critical problem, because our psychological systems and our abilities for cognitive control are being pushed to their limits. With tech, media, and consumerism increasing at accelerating rates, it’s anyone’s guess as to what your future will look like? Do you notice any indications of things slowing down, or solutions being implemented through our educational or political systems to help us more effectively filter the QUANTITY and QUALITY of our incoming information today?  Why Not?

All of us face a challenge unlike that of any generation before us…the challenge of “NOISE”.   Noise today is defined as the combination of three things. First – relentless distraction (another text, another photo, another video…and on and on). Second – data overload (can’t possibly keep up). Third – distorted information (false “facts”, misleading stories, “hype”, deceptive websites, etc.). And now we can add an additional dimension to the NOISE equation. We are also engulfed in the Cycle of Noise, a relatively new condition, where noise is creating more noise at an incremental rate, leaving us with higher and higher demands for coping and compensation strategies, some of which are destroying our physical and mental health (drugs, alcohol, painkillers, opioid addiction, learned helplessness, diversion, and disconnection).  



As the Cycle of Noise continues to increase, our ability to manage our lives through practical and meaningful choices, must adapt to our changing digital preferences, if we’re going to powerfully and effectively move into the future of the new high speed-high tech society.


ENTER INNERTAINMENT: THE INTEGRAL THEATER (I-THEATER), offers a unique framework for solving our current Digital Dilemma and differs from the most popular solutions of turning off your smartphone or restricting the use of your TV and digital devices. The Center For Innertainment believes that we can USE the entertainment medium in new and unique ways, to increase and expand our human development, moving us toward “high brain” executive functioning and higher levels of choice-full behavior.


MOTIVATION is the underlying key to our attention and our focus.  By now, most of us are already addicted to our digital world, highly motivated to use and include our digital devices in almost everything we do. To include, not exclude our digital motivation, we can personalize the entertainment mediums that attract us in new and powerful ways, while integrating the tasks necessary for self-improvement.



INNERTAINMENT provides self development activities with an entertainment “twist”, for setting goals, time management, communication, daily elevation and for developing our individual and unique personal STORY.



We hope you’ll join us in exploring some of the tips and tools offered through the I-THEATER framework,  an alternative approach toward solving today’s Digital Dilemma.


KEY TAKEAWAY: In the new world of digital dependency, we need tools, tips and strategies that are motivational and aligned with our cultural changes. INNERTAINMENT offers a new paradigm for self development using entertainment as the gateway to elevated development. 


ELEVATION ACTION: What is your best well being strategy for dealing with the incremental levels of  “NOISE”?