ENTERTAINMENT is most often defined as something that is amusing, diverting, distracting and engaging.  It’s provided by a performer and/or OUTSIDE source of information.


This is the classical definition of entertainment, viewed primarily as a way to relieve stress and create more fun and enjoyment in our life.


Many people today focus their attention on the violent, sexual or negative aspects of the entertainment mediums, failing to see beyond the surface dimensions.  Others absolutely love entertainment as a key source of pleasure, relief  and enjoyment, often disregarding any of the potential hazards .  Both points of view neglect to notice the developmental potential that lies below the surface and within entertainment, along with its extraordinary range of  possibilities, when these underlying elements are uncovered and used in positive ways. 


In today’s media world, entertainment’s powerful STORIES, THEMES, LOCATIONS and CHARACTERS have the potential to ELEVATE our levels of personal, professional and business development. When we uncover and understand entertainment’s deeper, underlying long term potential, we can create positive change with new entertaining and motivational methods to tackle today’s most critical issues.  


INNERTAINMENT is dedicated to integrating the core underlying elements of entertainment into tips, tools, strategies and methods that increase our well being and ELEVATE our human developmental potential.  The I-THEATER provides a simple integral framework for change and transformation. 







Entertainment can be transformed into INNERTAINMENT to provide the developmental benefits for well being, happiness and success.




How are you currently using contemporary entertainment for personal growth and development?