I’ve loved entertainment my entire life, ever since my passion for learning to play music, was transformed into an early career as a musician and vocalist.  My motivation has been rooted in exploring inner gifts and talents, accompanied by the freedom of autonomy and self expression. Entertainment and it’s accompanying artistic challenges for me, has provided the perfect pathway to self empowerment.   Others find entertainment a powerful and necessary tool for stress relief and pleasure, in a world of accelerating change and unpredictability. All the above benefits offer important possibilities for our future well being when understood and integrated into our life styles and mind styles   Today we live in what some have called the Entertainment Economy, where the global entertainment and media market is expected to reach approximately USD 6,709.4 billion by 2030, growing at an exponential rate, as media and innovative technologies continue to combine their power and expand their reach and frequency.  This has powerful consequences for our individual and planetary well being. 


     My early entertainment experiences paved the way to a Ph.D. in psychology, with a focus on the research and implications of media, developmental, social and educational psychology.  This passion has become pretty much of a 24-7 exploration for the past 47 years.  Along the way I’ve had the privilege to work and learn in the trenches with some of the best companies in the world, exploring products, characters, stories, toys, educational programs and the like.    


As my interest and experience in the psychology of entertainment increased, one particular factor began to emerge as a core element of curiosity and focus…psychological identification.  Identification is a psychological process whereby the individual assimilates an aspect, property, or attribute of the other (the surrounding Circles of Influence) and is transformed wholly or partially by the model that the other provides. It is by means of a series of identifications that the personality is constituted and specified over time.  


The importance of this process is “monumental”  for a number of reasons…because it raises the following questions: 


     -If the entertainment industry is growing at an exponential rate, does that mean that the stories and characters we relate to in film, video, games and other mediums, have the potential for creating more and more powerful forms and levels of identification?


     -Do the values and worldviews embedded in entertainment have the potential to change our personal values and worldviews through the identification process?


     -How do the developmental stages that a person moves through, play an important role with regard to the exposure and influence of entertainment and the identification process?


     -When we enter into story worlds, through newly emerging and more immersive technological innovations such as virtual reality, how is the process of identification even more important?   


     -If the “hidden agendas” of people creating immersive technologies, stories, characters and engaging processes are aligned with “profit above humanity” values, can the identification process become a tool to shape MY STORY in a way that it becomes THEIR STORY? 


These questions and many more, have been the catalyst for an alternative paradigm of self development called INNERTAINMENT.  This perspective is based on research and science in the fields of neurology, psychology, sociology, anthropology, consumerism, technology and media. It places ELEVATION (human development) at the core of its foundational elements.  


The INNERTAINMENT posts that follow introduce a simple, Integral Theater metaphor (The I-Theater), as a framework for the process of self development using a variety of media tips, tools and techniques.  Each of the posts unfold as a series of building blocks, that lead to a deeper understanding of how and why YOUR STORY is more important now, than at any other time in our past, and how entertainment can open up a world of possibilities for the process of INNERTAINMENT.  


Each post will contain a number of commonalities to assist in the process of comprehension and application.  


     I-THEATER:  provides a framework for integrating the past, present, and future dimensions necessary for self understanding and transformation.






     SPOTLIGHT:  highlights one or several of the core ideas in the post. 


    ELEVATION:  offers a tip or tool to take a specific ACTION toward self improvement.


    MULTIMEDIA: adds additional media support to provide entertaining examples that enhance attention, comprehension, involvement and motivation. 



As we explore the INNERTAINMENT Blog, we will include a number of related categories with information and experts that share their knowledge and experience, as it relates to helping us to make better CHOICES in the future, to improve our well being , happiness, life fulfillment and success.